Productivity 101

How to get more done!

1. Find what works for you!

The first step to being successful is knowing  what works for you. Whether paper or applications! It's your choice

2. Time Block

Time blocking means setting a set amount of time to do multiple task. Once the time is done you move to the next task.

More on Time Blocking

Time blocking is a term I learned form Jordan Page and it has changed how we work during the week!  Alongside time blocking I use Evernote to help me stay on course.

Click Here to learn more on Time Blocking

Click Here to Learn More about Evernote

Put it in Practice

1. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish during the week.

2. Separate your blocks. The best part, you get to set your hours

3. Add your tasks to your blocks. Don’t overdo it as this will complicate the entire

That is it! Are you ready to try it?